Carter Aluminum Four-barrel WCFB and AFB Carburetors

(Identification numbers, specifications, and CFM flow rates)


How to identify and date Carter WCFB and AFB carburetor with ID numbers, CFM, specifications. The difficulty with Carter WCFB and AFB carburetors is that very few were ever rated by the factory for CFM and no complete list is available publicly. There are relatively complete lists of carburetor models and what engine they were originally used on, which I have compiled below from multiple factory parts manuals and Carter manuals, but the manuals do not include CFM ratings. However, there are methods to calculate approximate CFM based on known measurements. Of possible interest, see my other technical articles on rebuilding Carter AFB carburetors and on selecting and tuning Carter AFB carburetors.

Carter WCFB and AFB CFM Specifications

The best way to determine the approximate CFM of WCFB and AFB carburetors is a mix of using the few known CFMs, calculating the ratio of CFM to square inches of throttle bore, and reflecting on the displacement of engines. If I calculate the sum of the throttle-plate bore square inches using the equation (PI)(Radius Squared or (3.14 x Radius x Radius), I can multiply that number by 107.10 CFM to get a close approximate CFM. This 107.10 CFM is calculated using the aftermarket AFB 9511 rated at 500 CFM by dividing 500 CFM by the throttle-plate bore square inches of 4.67. As an example, if the sum of the throttle-plate bores equals 4.43 square inches, multiple 4.42 by 107.10 to get an approximate 474 CFM. Ideally, I can measure the throttle-plate and venturi bores of the carburetor before purchasing, but many times when purchasing online I am not able to get those exact measurements. When I don’t have those measurements, I do some educated guessing based off the engine displacement of the carburetor.

For example, I know from the database I have compiled below that a 450 CFM 3252S with 1-7/16” bores was used on early 60’s 383 and low-performance 413 engines. A 470 CFM 3853S with 1-7/16” primary 1-9/16” secondary bores was used on the 273. A 566 CFM 3611S with 1-7/16” primary 1-9/16” secondary bores came on mid-60’s 383 and 426 wedge engines. However, once we get into the 600 CFM range from the known carburetors, the OEM catalog shows higher performance models of 340s, 413 ram-induction, and 426 Hemis. Putting all this information together, when I am looking for an AFB and don’t have venturi or throttle bore measurements, I can infer that late-50’s and early 60’s AFBs and WCFBs that came on 277, 301, 303, 313, 315, 318, 326, 331, 350, 350, 354, 361, 383, 392, etc. likely have between 300 and 500 CFM. Mid-60’s AFBs that came on 273, 383, and low-performance 413 engines likely have between 450 and 580 CFM. AFBs that came on 340, high-performance 413, 426 wedge, 426 Hemi, and 440 engines likely have 600 CFM and above for single carburetors. It’s not an exact science by any means but will get me in the ballpark if I’m faced with a quick purchase online or at a swap meet and don’t have the time or ability to calculate the throttle-plate bore surface area and then the approximate CFM.

For most single-carburetor stock and mild A-block builds, finding an AFB model from a late 50’s – early-60’s A, B, or low-performance RB engine will be and a good choice for the engine after properly jetted and tuned. These carburetors will also be a good place to look for dual-quad setups. For higher-performance single-carburetor A-block builds, finding an AFB that came on mid- to late-60’s LA340/B/RB engines will likely yield higher CFM.

I compiled the following database using multiple factory parts manuals. I include all the WCFB numbers I could find regardless of make, and I include Chrysler Corporation AFB numbers only, although there are many more GM and Ford AFB options. For the confirmed AFB CFM rating, I used data from Paul Cesarine who personally flow-tested the carburetors; Paul passed away in 2016 long before his database was finished. I have measured and have collected measurements on other AFB throttle-plate bores and have listed them to help those searching, although I do not have throttle-plate bore and venturi diameters for all carburetors. If you have information that can help fill in gaps in the database, please email me.

Carter WCFB and AFB Carburetor Identification and CFM Database

Carb No.YearEngineThrottle Bore Dia.Venturi Dia.CFM RatingNotes
894UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
896UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
932UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
985UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
996UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2005UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2016UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
20411954331Unknown3.546 380WCFB, Chrysler
2053UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2059UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2072UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2080UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2082UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2084UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2088UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2103UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2109UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2110UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2112UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2119UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
21261955301, 331Unknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Chrysler C67, C68, C69, C70
2142UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2143UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
21811956UnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Dodge
2185UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2186UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
21911954UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Dodge Royal
2197UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
22101955UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, DeSoto
2214UnknownUnknownUnknown2.76 296WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2218UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2219UnknownUnknownUnknown2.76 296WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2220UnknownUnknownUnknown4.479 480WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2224UnknownUnknownUnknown2.76 296WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2232UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2246UnknownUnknownUnknown4.479 480WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
22531955UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Plymouth, Dodge
2255UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2265UnknownUnknownUnknown4.479 480WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2266UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2267UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2268UnknownUnknownUnknown3.344 Likely 358WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2283UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2284UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2302UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
23031956UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Dodge
23111956UnknownUnknown4.43 474WCFB, DeSoto
23141956354Unknown4.43 474WCFB, Chrysler C70, C72, C73
23171955 – 1956331Unknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Front and Rear, Dual Quad System, Chrysler, 1956 DeSoto
2330UnknownUnknownUnknown2.76 296WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2333UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2334UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2347UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2351UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2354UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2355UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2358UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2361UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2362UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2364UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
23651956UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Make Unknown
2366UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
23671956331Unknown4.43 474WCFB, Chrysler C71
2370UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2371UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2372UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2373UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2394UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2404UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2419UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2432UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
24421956277, 303Unknown4.43 474WCFB, Plymouth Fury
24431956325Unknown4.43 474WCFB, Dodge D500
24441955 – 1956331, 354Unknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, Chrysler 300
24451955 – 1956331, 354Unknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Chrysler 300, 1956 DeSoto Single
2447Likely 1957UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Make Unknown
244819573921-7/16″ x 1-7/16″UnknownLikely 450, unconfirmedAFB, Dual Quad Setup, Chrysler C76, Imperial IM1
2474UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
24761956UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, DeSoto
2505UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
25301957301, 303, 313, 318Unknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Plymouth
2531Likley 1957UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Make Unknown
25321957UnknownUnknown4.43 474WCFB, Dodge, DeSoto
25341957392Unknown3.761 403WCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, Chrysler
25351957392Unknown3.761 403WCFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Chrysler
2543UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2544UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2545UnknownUnknownUnknown3.988 427WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
25521958UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Make Unknown
25531958UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Make Unknown
2555UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2563UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2574UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2575UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2576UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2582UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2584UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
25881957UnknownUnknown4.43 474WCFB, DeSoto
25891957354Unknown4.43 474WCFB, Chrysler C75-2
25901957 – 1958392Unknown3.761 403WCFB, Chrysler, 1957 Imperial
2593UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2613UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2614UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
26221957UnknownUnknown4.43 474WCFB, Dodge D500
2626UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2627UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
26281957UnknownUnknown3.546 Likely 380WCFB, Marine
26311957 – 1958318Unknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, Plymouth Fury
26321957 – 1958318Unknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Plymouth Fury
26331957UnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, Dodge D500
26341957UnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Dodge D500
26351957UnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, DeSoto
26361957UnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, DeSoto
26411958UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Plymouth
26421958UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Dodge, DeSoto
26501958354UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Chrysler
26511958392UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Chrysler
26521958UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, Plymouth 350, DeSoto
26531958UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Plymouth 350, DeSoto
2655UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2656UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2657UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
26601958UnknownUnknown4.43 474WCFB, Dodge
2669UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
26861957354UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Chrysler C75-2, Automatic
2690UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2691UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2692UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2698UnknownUnknownUnknown4.43 Likely 474WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2725UnknownUnknownUnknown3.546 380WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
27411958392UnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, Chrysler
27421958392UnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Chrysler
27611958318Unknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, Plymouth Fury
27621958318Unknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Plymouth Fury
27731958UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, DeSoto
27871959361, 383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-7/16″UnknownLikely 450AFB, Automatic
27901959 – 1962383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.093″ x 1.125″475 confirmedAFB, Front, Dual Quad Setup, HP
27911959 – 1962383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.093″ x 1.125″475 confirmedAFB, Rear, Dual Quad Setup, HP
27941959383, 413UnknownUnknownUnknown
27971959 – 1961383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmed
27981959413UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Front Dual Quad Setup
27991959413UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Rear Dual Quad Setup
28051958354UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Chrysler
28121958UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Plymouth, Manual
28131958UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Plymouth
2819UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2829UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2830UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
2831UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
28361958354UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Chrysler
2853UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
28541959383, 413UnknownUnknownUnknownAFB, Police
3059UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
30841962413UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Rear, Dual Quad Setup
31241956UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Manual, Plymouth
31251956UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Overdrive, Plymouth
31261956UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Plymouth
31421956UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Plymouth, Manual
31441956UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownWCFB, Plymouth
3165UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
3166UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
3167UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
3181UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
3182UnknownUnknownUnknown3.378 362WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
3205UnknownUnknownUnknown3.559 confirmedWCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
3208UnknownUnknownUnknown3.153 338WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
32131962 – 1966318UnknownUnknownUnknownMarine
32471961 – 1962318, 361UnknownUnknownUnknown
32491961 – 1962318, 3611-7/16″ x 1-7/16″1.186″ x 1.186″450 confirmed
32521961 – 1962383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-7/16″1.186″ x 1.186″450 confirmed
32531961 – 1962383, 413UnknownUnknownUnknown
325619624131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmed
32571962361, 383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-7/16″UnknownLikely 450Single Carb, HP
32581962 – 1963383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.093″ x 1.125″475 confirmedFront, Dual Quad Setup
32591962 – 1963383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.093″ x 1.125″475 confirmedRear, Dual Quad Setup
34371961 – 19633831-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.313″566 confirmedPolice
34471962 – 1963413, 4261-7/16″ x 1-11/16″1.186″ x 1.563″600 confirmedFront and Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Max Wedge
34781963383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmedPolice
35051963 – 1964413UnknownUnknownUnknownFront and Rear, Dual Quad Setup
35201963383UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, Canada Export
36111964 – 1966383, 413, 426 Wedge1-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.313″566 confirmed
36121964383UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, Canada Export
36131964383UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, Canada Export
36141964 – 1967383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmed
3696UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
3697UnknownUnknownUnknown3.761 403WCFB, Not Chrysler Corporation
37051963 – 1964426 Wedge1-11/16″ x 1-11/16″1.437″ x 1.563″700 confirmedFront and Rear, Dual Quad Setup, Max Wedge
37061963426UnknownUnknownUnknownDual Quad Setup
38531965 – 19672731-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.063″ x 1.250″470 confirmedManual, 1965 HP
38561964 – 19663831-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmedAutomatic
38591964 – 1966383, 413, 426 Wedge1-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.313″566 confirmedManual
38601964 – 1966383, 413, 426 Wedge1-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.313″566 confirmedAutomatic
38611965426UnknownUnknownUnknownDual Quad Setup
38711964 – 1965383, 413, 426 Wedge1-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmed
41201966 – 19672731-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.063″ x 1.250″470 confirmedAutomatic
41211966273UnknownUnknownUnknownManual, CAP
41221966273UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, CAP
41301966 – 1967383, 426 Wedge, 4401-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.563″566 confirmedManual
41311966 – 1967383, 426 Wedge, 4401-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.563″566 confirmedAutomatic
41321966383UnknownUnknownUnknownManual, CAP
413319663831-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmedAutomatic, CAP
41361964 – 1967426, 440UnknownUnknownUnknownManual, CAP
41371964 – 1967426, 440UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, CAP
41391966 – 19674261-7/16″ x 1-11/16″1.186″ x 1.563″600 confirmedFront Dual Quad Setup
41401966 – 19674261-7/16″ x 1-11/16″1.186″ x 1.563″600 confirmedRear Dual Quad Setup
4199UnknownUnkown1-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.063″ x 1.250″470 confirmed
42001964383UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, Canada
429419672731-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.063″ x 1.250″470 confirmedHP, Manual
429519672731-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.063″ x 1.250″470 confirmedAutomatic
42981966 – 19673831-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.313″537 confirmedManual
42991966 – 1967383, 4401-7/16″ x 1-9/16″1.186″ x 1.313″537 confirmedAutomatic, CAP
43041967273UnknownUnknownUnknownManual, CAP
43051967273UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, CAP
43091967383UnknownUnknownUnknownManual, CAP
43101967383UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, CAP
43111967440UnknownUnknownUnknownManual, CAP
43121966 – 1967440UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, CAP
43181966383UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, CAP
43241967426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup, Manual, CAP
43251967426UnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup, Manual, CAP
432619674401-11/16″ x 1-11/16″1.437″ x 1.586″728 confirmedManual
432719674401-11/16″ x 1-11/16″1.437″ x 1.586″728 confirmedAutomatic
43281967440UnknownUnknownUnknownManual, CAP
43291967440UnknownUnknownUnknownPolice, Automatic, CAP
43301968440UnknownUnknownUnknownAutomatic, Air Conditioning
4342late 1967426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup
4343late 1967426UnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup
44011968383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic
44021967426UnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup, Automatic, CAP
44261968383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Manual
44281968440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Manual
44291968440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic
44301968426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup, Manual
44311968426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup
44321968426UnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup
46161969383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic
46171969440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Manual
46181969440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic
46191969426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup, Manual
46201969426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup, Manual
46211969426UnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup, Manual
46351968383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic, Air Conditioning
46371968440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic, Air Conditioning
46381969383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic, Air Conditioning
46401969440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic, Air Conditioning
47111969383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Manual, Air Conditioning
47321970383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic
47341970383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic, ECS
47361970383UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic
47381970440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic
47401970440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic, ECS
47411970 – early 1971426UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Front, Dual Quad Setup
47411970440UnknownUnknownUnknownAVS, Automatic, Air Conditioning
47421966 – 1971426 Hemi1-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmedFront, Dual Quad Setup
47431966 – 1971426 Hemi1-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmedRear, Dual Quad Setup
47451970 – 1971426 HemiUnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup, Automatic
47461970 – 1971426 HemiUnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup, Automatic
49111959 – 1969383, 4131-7/16″ x 1-9/16″UnknownLikely 566, unconfirmedFactory Replacement
4968late 1971426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup, Manual
4969late 1971426UnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup, Manual
4970late 1971426UnknownUnknownUnknownRear, Dual Quad Setup, Automatic
4971late 1971426UnknownUnknownUnknownFront, Dual Quad Setup, Automatic
9400AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown400 confirmed
9410AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown400 confirmed
9502AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown500 confirmedNo Choke, GM Linkage
9511AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown500 confirmedMopar Linkage
9605AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown600 confirmedManual Choke, GM Linkage
9625AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown625 confirmed
9626AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown625 confirmed
9627AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown625 confirmed
9635AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown625 confirmed
9636AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown625 confirmed
9637AftermarketN/AUnknownUnknown625 confirmedElectric Choke, Ford Linkage